Hands of Hope Romania is a UK-based charity helping to bring hope, comfort and practical solutions to the people of Jibou, Romania. We offer help in a range of ways, from clothing and food to medical costs and education outreach programmes. Our main aim is to improve the health, happiness and prospects of the economically deprived community with the help of all of our amazing fundraisers and generous donors.

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You’ll find the town of Jibou in North West Romania, with around 12,000 people living within the area. The European Union have declared Jibou a ‘disadvantaged zone’ and there is widespread poverty and unemployment throughout the town. Despite its economic issues, Jibou is surrounded by beautiful countryside and a strong community spirit.

Jibou and the surrounding area is home to a Roma community of approximately 20,000 people where despite economic problems there is a real sense of family and tradition. There is also a large group of Hungarian people in the area or Magyars as they are also known. We do lots of work within these communities, helping them to access education programmes and our regular food parcels.

Unlike the UK, the community in Jibou have no access to a National Health Service, with children and families often commuting many miles to pay for vital care and treatment. This is one of the main ways that we help local people, by providing financial support to access vital care that we can so often take for granted in Britain.

Hands of Hope Romania is a Christian-based charity, however we are open and welcoming to all faiths and beliefs. Our passionate network of volunteers and donors come from a range of religions and backgrounds and the work we do with the Romanian community is open to all families and individuals who need our help and support.


With your help and support, we enrich and support local people’s lives in three main ways:

Access to education and learning is one of the most important opportunities for children and young people in Romania. We help to support Jibou’s young people to develop their skills and access higher education courses and further learning.

With your help we are able to offer financial support for vulnerable people and families to access vital medical treatment and support. As there is no National Health Service available in Jibou, your support and donations can make a huge difference to the health and wellbeing of the local community.

As well as our work in health and learning, our team in Romania regularly deliver food parcels to widows and widowers within the Roma community which include many of the essential, everyday items that make a real difference such as soap powder, rice and oil. Each and every festive season we also deliver hundreds of shoeboxes for local children to unwrap on Christmas Day when many of them will have no other presents to open with their families.


As well as our UK team who founded and continue to develop the work of the charity, we also have a wonderful, caring team based in Romania who make all of our work possible. Victor and his wife Nadia help us to buy supplies, identify people who are most in need and get help quickly and efficiently to the people of Jibou. As part of the local Roma community, the family are key members of the team and their support is vital to what we do.

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With regular trips to Romania and reports back from our Romanian volunteers, Victor and Nadia, we always have inspiring stories to share with our community of volunteers and donors. From fitting a fresh water tap for a local family or spreading Christmas cheer with our annual shoebox delivery, our journal is filled with news and stories from the heart of Jibou.

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