JUNE 2015

Hello to all our friends and supporters!

Sarah and Karen have just returned from a trip to Jibou; while they were there they attended the wedding of Bianca Simeone to Vasi Pop on Saturday 28th May. Bianca is the daughter of Ibi Simeone our dear friend who passed away last year. Bianca had planned to marry last year but plans had to change due to her mother's death, so her wedding day was a little bitter-sweet in someways but was overwhelmingly filled with joy and celebration. So much so the partying went on to 5.30am! We wish Bia and Vasi every happiness together and the traditional Romanian greeting of 'case de piatra' (Have a strong marriage-literally, 'house of stone').

While they were in Jibou, Sarah and Karen spent time with Victor and Nadia and Solomon and Rodica our key volunteers who are responsible for ensuring our food parcels to the families are delivered each month. Victor and Nadia and Solomon and Rodica all have incredible servant hearts and a compassion for the poor in their own communities; Sarah and Karen felt it was important to thank them for all their hard work so arranged a trip to an outdoor pool about 25 miles away from Jibou. It was an absolute delight to see them having a very rare opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves. We also took a couple of other family members including Solomon and Rodica's grandson David. David who is 7 years old and had never been to a swimming pool! Here in the UK going for a swim is perhaps routine and something that most adults and children would take for granted. Even more so than David it was humbling to know Rodica who is in her 40's had never been to a swimming pool and enjoyed such a simple experience. She did know how to swim however having grown up with brothers who taught her to swim in the river Sommes. It was fantastic to share a simple pleasure with them all. Sandwiches were made and enjoyed along with a bottle of pop. We take such simple pleasures for granted here but for Solomon and Rodica and Victor and Nadia they simply could not afford such a treat or the means to get to a pool so it was a special experience and enjoyed by all.

Hands of Hope are always looking to expand our activities and later this year it is our plan to again provide Christmas gifts for children trying to better our number of 725 packets which we provided last year. Please consider whether you could assist with this and get in touch via email. 

Thank you.

Karen (on behalf of the Hands of Hope Team)